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Please note... these advertisements are out of date. They have been left here for interest only. Contact email addresses have been removed. All current advertising is in the Douglas Forums

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23 March 2004

Crankshaft and Conrods for 1928 Dirtrack Douglas

I am looking for a crankshaft and conrods for my EL154 1928 Douglas speedway motor as mine are unservicable and, I believe, beyond reapair. If anyone can help me out or offer advice on repair to get my bike back onto the road.

Humphrey Smith, JAPAN


09 March 2004

Australian seeks a few words of advice re buying a Douglas

Hi, my name is Steve and I'd like to fulfil a lifetime ambition and buy a Douglas. I'm wondering whether anyone would be prepared to have a brief chat on the phone (at my expense) about Douglas motorcycles in general/values etc. Or is there a club somewhere that I can join?

Any assistance very much appreciated.

Steve, Melbourne, Australia,


06 March 2004


Douglas Restoration

Hello ! I have bought a Douglas to restore but I don't now the type of the machine. I send you some pictures of it. Can you help me and say me what type and which year it is? Thank you for the help. (Excuse me for my English !)


Later...some number I have found on the bike.

Engine : ER 862 (V2D) Frame : FA 1469


click pics for larger view


03 March 2004

Parts for Douglas mk4

I have a Douglas mk 4 -50 , and looking for some parts. A good crankshaft , stays for front mudgard, center stand, complete chainguard. Could anyone help me , please let me know.

Kent Fogelberg, Sweden


03 March 2004

Pair of Footrests for 1914-19 350cc Douglas

I am looking for a pair of footrests for the above Douglas . If you can help please make contact at


16 February 2004

click pic for larger view

Help needed to identify this model Douglas

I was wondering if anybody has any idea what year & model this bike is?
My father is in the process of restoring the bike at the moment and any clues might make it easier to find similar parts. We suspect it may be a TS350 and around the 1926 vintage.

Thanks Glenn


16 February 2004

Rear Footbrake Pedal for 1915 Douglas 350

I am wondering if anybody out there in Douglas land would have a rear footbrake pedal to suit a 1915 Douglas 350. My model has footboards not footpegs.

Kindest regards, Paul, Adelaide, Australia.


14 February 2004

Can you help identify this early Douglas?

Sirs, I own a Douglas of unknown vintage and model. I have had this cycle for many years in an unrestored and unassembled condition. It is circa mid teens or early twenties. There are some numbers on the frame and crank case.
They are frame # 637321 with the smaller 3 numeral as shown also a four digit number 1050 on the upper saddle tube clamp area which I am told was plugged at the factory. Engine # 65854 on the opposite case to the 1911 number.
Hoping this will help further in my inquiries.

Yours in anticipation, Alan Long,


12 February 2004

Douglas Man

My Grandfather worked for Douglas and as a result I have a little cast 'Douglas man' that I believe he acquired when he worked there.
I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about them.
Thank you for your help.



10 February 2004

Front cover for an E.I.C. Type A2 Magneto

Does anyone have a complete front cover for an E.I.C. Type A2 Magneto or a complete Magneto in any condition as long as the front cover is undamaged.

Peter Lowi,


02 February 2004

My Dream 1914 Douglas

Hi... I'm a French collector of motorcycles. My name is Vincent Chamon and I have one Douglas. I love this motorcycle, this is my dream. I'm looking for transfers and documentation of this motorcycle. The type is "V" of 1914.
Have you informations or parts ?

Thank you, VIncent,

02 February 2004

click pic for larger view

What model is this 2 3/4HP Douglas ?

I am currently restoring this motorcycle and was wondering if anyone can
tell me exactly what model it is. It seems to have TT racing fenders and a
regular 2 3/4 horsepower engine. It is quite complete, but am looking for
some of the basics. Floorboards, headlamp, handgrips and levers, horn and
seat. If anyone has any leads or sources for any of these items nos or
reproduction, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, Bryn Gladding


31 January 2004

1928-30 Dirt Track Douglas

Does anyone know somone who has a 1928-30 Douglas Dirttrack? I'm not looking for show or restored. Just something preferably running and fixable to race? I have been looking around online and have not found one.

Jason Cefola


26 January 2004

click pic for larger view

Barn Find - 1913 Douglas frame - SOLD

I have recently found an early Douglas frame which I believe is a 1913 model. Can anyone help me identify this frame - what model, size engine, how many gears, etc. I know the oil pump is operated by hand from the tank.

Any information would be much appreciated.



20 January 2004

My Dad's 1947 Douglas

Good day, I was wondering if someone could help me. My Dad bought a brand new 350cc Douglas before meeting my Mum which would be late 1940's. My Mum unfortunatley can not remember the model but says it had a full seat unit and not a single + pad. She feels it was more like the Mk3 than the Mk4. Was the bike available with a full seat? Could it have been adapted ? Obviously asking my Dad is not an option as Doris Stokes is up there too so any help / photo's would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Dave Flooks, Liverpool UK

20 January 2004

click pic for larger view


Anyone identify this Douglas for my book?

I've got this photo which I'm using in the book I'm writing, and need to identify the approximate year of the machine. The photo was taken in 1931, in the yard at Cunningham's Camp while our Club members were at the Manx and that's about all I know. Can anyone help?

Yours, Jake Drummond, Fife, Scotland


18 January 2004

Pictures or Information for 1935 Douglas 150cc

15 years ago, I bought a Douglas 150cc. Now I am looking for pictures and information on the Internet. But I haven't been able to find good pictures.Perhaps someone can help me? My bike is : Date of Registration 14-10-1935, Engine Nr. 15B183, Frame Nr. F0380. If you have a telephone number, I will be pleased to call you back.

R. Bönisch,


21 December 2003

Douglas 350 1948 Manual

Hello, I'm Andres from Argentina and I'm looking for a Douglas 350 1948 Manual.
I can't speak or write in English very well, but I hope you understand me. If you can read in Spanish, my message is below. Please write if you need to ask me something.

Thanks a lot, Andres.

Queria si es posible me envien algun manual o todos los que puedan de la
moto Douglas 350 cc mod. 1948 Tengo para armar una y necesitaria recolectar
informacion al respecto, si saben de mas links tambien se los argedeceria.
Desde ya muchas gracias.

09 December 2003

1920 Douglas 2 3/4hp W/20

Does anyone have a set of footboards (not aluminium) with brackets and a rear support for sale?

Regards Peter Lowi, UK


27 November 2003

Douglas 1951 Mark V

I am interested in buying the following spare parts for a Douglas 1951 Mark V model:

- One set of crankshaft bearings
- Two high-tension leads
- Piston springs for 2 pistons
- One rear wheel hub

Oddvar Engen, Sveanveien 14, 8690 Hattfjelldal, Norway


25 November 2003

Douglas Vespa parts

Hello. Does anyone have any parts for a 1955 alstate ?1955 Douglas 125 42L2 ? Any square speedos or tail-light assemblies especially. They also have/had rubber boots for the gearshift and light switch controls - got any of them ? I will be impressed/amazed if you do - appreciate your reply.

thanks, Jim Carroll, Invercargill

03 November 2003

click picture for a
larger view

Can anyone identify this motorbike?

I'm currently preparing a book on the French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue. In 1912 he took some photographs of what is believed to be the Paris-Tours motorcycle race. I would like to use one of these photographs in my book, and am trying to identify the motorbike in it. A French correspondent has said that he's sure it's a Douglas but can offer no more help. Can anyone there offer any further information - bike, rider, race - anything?

I attach a detail from the photograph showing the motorbike. Any and all information very gratefully received.

Regards Bill

William Hibbert


30 October 2003

Photos to identify 1931 Douglas A31

I need some help, where to find reasonable photo of Douglas A31 1931. I have one... but I'm not sure it is an A31. I saw a poor photo of A31 Douglas in Old Bike Mart and I think its pretty much the same. Only I know it's Douglas from 1931 and probably 350cc. So I need photos of it to recognize and to make inventory what is missing. It looking pretty much like this.

kind regards, Joni Kakko, Finland


23 October 2003

Douglas Transfers

I have a friend who has a 1919 600cc Douglas in very good original condition.
He is looking for the Douglas name transfer for the petrol tank and the two transfers with the picture of the man for the rear guard and the frame.
Can anyone help ??

Jeremy Moyen, France


22 October 2003

Front Forks

I'm looking for a pair of Velocette 350/500 Webb forks, without much luck.

Somebody (who lives quite a distance away) sent a very bad photo, from which I can see nothing, saying the forks were off a sv 600cc Aero Douglas, and that he thought they were Webb. Anyone have any ideas?



21 October 2003

Douglas Brakes

I'm rebuilding a 1927 EW and was talking to a fellow owner today. He has stopped riding his as he is afraid of the poor brakes, especially the front. His view is you couldn't lock the wheel on wet ice!
Now I 'm worried. Is there a way of setting up or modifying the brakes to give an adequate performance? Can a Rudge 8" or similar brakeplate be inserted to give better performance?
Would like some comments or suggestions.
Don't the 500, 600 and 750cc bikes have virtually the same brake? Surely this means that you can get an adequate performance from the Douglas item?

Keith R


09 October 2003

Drive Belt for 1920 2-3/4hp Douglas

I have a 1920 2-3/4 hp Douglas that is an absolute pleasure to ride.Trouble is, it has chewed up the original belt that was on it (which was fairly old) and I have tried a couple of alternatives without success.
Can anyone recommend something that actually works?
Also, does anyone have spare leather carrier bags for sale?

Best wishes to all Douglas enthusiasts.
Les Rowe, Adelaide, Australia.


06 October 2003

Douglas MK IIII Magneto & Generator Wanted

Contact Ron Stevens

03 October 2003

Beaded Edge Tyres for a 1927 EW 350cc

I am just starting to rebuild a 1927 EW 350cc model. First problem I can see is replacing the 25x3 beaded edge tyres. As far as I can see they just ain't available. As the wheels will need to be rebuilt, do I fit wired-on tyres or can you tell me where these tyres can be found.

Regards, Keith Randon

01 October 2003

1920 Douglas Motorcycle - 350cc

I have a 1920 Douglas 350cc that has been handed down to me. Does anyone know what the current market value of this model is? It has a 2 1/2 hp engine.

Thanks, Dave


16 September 2003

Replacement Bearings for 1926 EW 350

Does anybody have a list of suitable replacement bearings to suit 1926 EW 350 , they can supply me?

Thank you, Brian Corey


05 August 2003

Information about Miss Fay Taylor

Wanted - information about Miss Fay Taylor and her speedway racing in Australia, England and Europe.
I know she raced in Australia in 1928. I own her 1928 Douglas racer.

Mike Smith


19 July 2003

How to find this Douglas 80 Plus?

My father had a Douglas 80+ when he was 17 years old, Reg No: CVY 910 (UK) , does anybody know how I might find out whether this motorcycle still exists, and is registered anywhere?

Please contact: Joann


18 July 2003

Douglas 80 Plus Wanted

Douglas 80+ Motorcyle, any condition considered.



08 July 2003

Any Idea what "LE" means?

I happen to live in the house that Douglas owned for almost 40 years in Saltford between Bath and Bristol. It's called Uplands House.

When we bought it, set into one of the fireplaces, was a fairly massive piece of cast iron decorative plate (the sort you used to see on the front of locomotive engines).

The person we bought the house from, who had bought it from the person who had in turn bought from Douglas, said it had come from Douglas's factory when it closed down.

I'm not sure this can be true since it is marked in 4 inch letters LE and above that 1954 and I thought the factory had closed by then. Can anyone shed any light? Happy to post a photo if that would help.

Regards, David W Smith, Uplands, The Glen, Saltford, UK

06 July 2003

Has anyone seen my old Douglas MK5?

I would be interested to hear from the present owner of my old Douglas MK5 Registration no. PKP 541 which I sold to John Galloway of Glasgow around 1978.

Regards, Alf Burgess


05 July 2003

Have some OB Timing Gears... what are they worth?

Hello, I was after some idea what these would be worth. My grandfather passed away and in cleaning out his garage, we found a glass jar with 4 gears in it. Marked on the lid was (timing gears O.B 1949). These are all wrapped in old grease proof paper and seem to be all new.
Can anyone inform me what they would be worth?

Regards, Jason From Australia


03 July 2003

click on pic for a larger view

Can you Identify this 1950 Douglas 350cc?

Hello, I`m Nils and I have just a question. Could you tell me what kind of model/type this 1950 Douglas 350ccm is? Check the air filter.

Thanks a lot. Nils

Nils has since written back to tell us "it's a 1950 Douglas Mk4 with a Volkes airfilter".

02 July 2003

Mudguards Wanted for Douglas 80 Plus

I am restoring an 80+ that I found complete in large lumps, but has the muguards missing.
Does anyone have a steel rear mudguard they could sell or swap?

Many thanks, Tom Rees


01 July 2003

Front Forks and Fuel Tank wanted for 1925 EW Douglas

I have recently bought a 1925 EW Douglas that is complete apart from front forks and fuel tank.
Does anyone have these items for sale?

Many thanks, Tom Rees




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