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Many thanks to Doug Kephart who provided the majority of these articles and kindly made them available for our enjoyment. If you have an article for this page, please send it here.

magneto bearing extractor

Magneto Bearing Extractor

If you need to remove the ball race from your magneto, here's a handy tool you can make to help with the job.


Douglas SW motorcycle

Restored SW Douglas

"Not many original SW models left the factory. While the DT was favored for the cinder tracks, by 1928 folks were looking to other marques for road racing iron. This particular example was rebuilt circa 1953."

Doug Kephart writes about his SW Douglas and the close ratio gearing used in the DT gearboxes.


Douglas motorcycle patents

Researching the Douglas Patents

If you've ever wondered where to find detailed specifications on your Douglas, or just about anything else, here's a comprehensive guide on how to do it. Researching Douglas motorcycle patents also reveals some interesting details about the history of the Douglas Motorcycle company.


‘Duggie’ wins a trophy!

"On the weekend of 10-11 January 2004, I entered ‘Duggie’ in the ‘Blood ‘N Tars’ Annual Bike Show held on this occasion in the Goolwa Town Hall."

Douglas motorcycle cylinder heads

Observations of some Douglas Cylinder Heads

Doug Kephart traces the evolution in design of the pre-war o.h.v Douglas cylinder heads providing some interesting insights into both design and manufacturing processes of the time.

Drugless Parts

If you've heard about a pile of Douglas parts just over the border somewhere and are planning a trip to go after them, read this first.

Douglas motorcycle servo brakes

Servo or Servile Brakes?

So just what is servo action anyway? This article explores the design of the Douglas "servo" brakes, raises some interesting questions and offers some tips on how to get your brakes to perform better.



Letter and Data Sheet for the Dirt Track Douglas

Here's an interesting letter and "Data Sheet" about the D.T. model which turned up recently during the sale of Alex Kynoch's Douglas parts collection. Includes some interesting technical and tuning information.

page 1 of letter page 2 of letter DT Douglas "Data Sheet"

What Goes Around, Comes Around

"There are many things in this world that travel in circular paths. Crankshafts immediately spring to mind, or at least for some of us they do. What might not be so obvious is that crankshaft drawings, though they be two dimensional, also travel in orbital paths."


Douglas SW motorcycle

Restored Douglas MK3

"The post-war Douglas MK3 was the first all new design to issue from the British motorcycle industry after the war. The engine was derived from a small generator set developed for the military during the war. My Mk3 was an original export to the USA, first going to New York in 1948...". Doug Kephart writes about his Mk3 restoration.


600 EW Headstock Bearings

Need to replace the headstock roller bearings on your 600 EW? Here's how to do it.


Chasing Your Hobby Abroad

Overseas holidays usually end up with heavy, overloaded bags. But Douglas enthusiasts' bags often have a particularly ferrous feel to them...

"they let me unload the bag so they could examine the magneto armature, dynamo, smaller bits of the Norton forks and such."

... here's a story about Douglas adventures in the U.K.


Mk Series Center Stand Spring

"As I was lying on the floor with my head under the bike to see what I was doing and effect a good pull, I caught myself right in the choppers with the tommy bar."

... Doug describes the finer points of installing a center stand spring on the Mk3.


Pre-War Flywheel Clutch Throw Out Bearings

"The captive ball thrust bearing used on the pre-war flywheel clutch seem to do in the hardened flat surfaces they are expected to run against. At least later on they turned groves in the race to match the radius of the bearing balls. But it is the earlier ones that just have flat surfaces, which are the subject here."



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