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Please note:
All the parts pictured in the menu items "Engines" to "More Parts" on the left, have been sold.

This page has been left on-line as a guide to the pictures.
For current Douglas Motorcycles and Parts for Sale please see
Douglas Motorcycles and Parts For Sale and Douglas Motorcycle Products and Services in the Douglas Motorcycle Forums.

The following information refers to the original Kynoch Douglas Parts Collection.

How the Parts are organised
How to view enlargements
What's included in the Parts Collection
Alex's notes on the Parts
John Holmes notes on the Parts

How the Parts are organised

The parts are organised into 18 major groups by the type of part - eg Cylinder Heads. You can see the 18 groups on the left. Each of those links takes you to an index page showing small photographs of the parts included in that group. This is how Alex had them stored in his workshop - eg all cylinder heads from all machines are stored together.

The parts from the Triumph 500 Speed Twin are included in the 18 groups of Douglas parts. The Triumph 250 is still assembled, apart from the front wheel and front guard - so there are no parts from that machine in the 18 groups.

As you can tell from the number of frames and engines, there's a ratio of about 4-5 Douglas to 1 Triumph. So where you see parts labelled "Douglas and Triumph", think in those proportions.

How to view enlargements

To view an enlargement of any small photograph, click on the picture itself, or the text underneath.

On the enlarged photograph pages, you'll see a Back and Next link in the top left corner. The Back takes you back to the index page for the group, while the Next walks you through all the enlarged photos in that group.

Douglas motorcycle cylinders group 1

What's included in the Parts CollectionThese photographs show approximately 95% of the collection. There are some additional small parts not included here. I do not have a written list of all the parts at this stage. I hope to compile one with some help from Douglas enthusiasts who might be able to match Alex's descriptions to the photos on these pages.However, Alex compiled a partial list of his parts back in the 1970's. This list is shown below. It is not a list of the entire Parts Collection. However you may find his descriptions a useful guide to some of the individual parts in the Collection. Please also see John Holmes notes below.

Alex Kynoch notes on his Parts

1 D.T. crankshaft (new)
2 D.T. crankshaft (used)
1 Positive foot change (own make)
3 Oil Seals for D.T. crankshaft
4 Breather unions for crankcase
Assorted parts for D.T. type valve lifters
Box of new gearbox bearings
2 Pairs 500cc D.T. conrods (reground)
1 Pair 350cc D.T. conrods (reground)
2 Bobweight cotter pins (new)
1 Set standard 1/4 x 1/4 big-end rollers
1 Set oversize 1/4 x 1/4 big-end rollers
1 set 70 x 1/16 Brico piston rings for 650cc pistons (new)
2 621/2 x 3/32 Brico rings (new)
3 pairs D.T. bobweights
1 pair Binks 2 jet carbs (to fit O.B.)
1 pair T.T. Amacs
1 pair D.T. Amacs
1 pair D.T. Amacs with slide shields to fit racing job
1 pair sports Amacs (nickel plated)
2 pairs D.T. induction pipes (1 inch)
2 pairs O.B. induction pipes (7/8 inch)
1 pair 350cc D.T. induction pipes (1 inch)
1 box of Amac and Binks jets, reamers, needles,slides etc
4 pairs of saddle springs
1 box of valve springs
1 1928 D.T. crankcase complete (No. EL 776)
1 1928 D.T. crankcase complete (No. EL 1288)
1 1932 D.T. crankcase complete (No. EL 1212)
1 1928 D.T. long type airbox
3 O.B. timing cases
1 O.B. single carb induction
1 O.B. airbox (home made)
1 pair aluminium chainguards
1 R.A. oilpump (fit any model)
1 chain cover (primary)
1 headlamp
1 pair 650cc (70mm) barrels, pistons and gudgeons (new) for use with 500cc crankcase assembly
1 pair cylinder heads to fit above, less valves and guides. Use C.A. head gaskets to obtain 10:1 comp
1 pair R.A. cylinder barrels 68mm (new)
1 pair D.T. 500cc cylinder heads (new)
1 pair D.T. 500cc barrels and pistons (new)
2 pair D.T. 500cc barrels and pistons (used)
1 box of D.T., O.B., and O.C. gearbox shells and all parts
1 4 gallon saddle tank to fit D.T. frame (road model)
1 pair knee grips for above
8 footrest rubbers
1 steering damper complete (R.M.)
1 pair front forks for R.M.
1 pair handlebars for R.M.
1 Lucas headlight for R.M.
1 Amal twistgrip for R.M.
1 positve foot change (L. Sidney type to fit R.M.)
1 tailight
1 steering tube for R.M.
1 cylinder jig and pump
1 B.T.H. racing magneto complete with oil pump drive and cable to fit D.T.
1 Bosch magneto (less oil pump drive to fit D.T. or O.B.)
1 box magneto spares and sundry magneto shells and magnets
2 E.I.C magnetoes
1 box of valves and semi finished forgings (D.T.)
1 box of rockers and pushrods for D.T.
1 box of handlebar controls
1 box of fork links (D.T. and O.B.)
1 box of fork dampers and steering dampers
1 box of chain
1 box of clutch parts
1 box of crankcase fittings
1 box of flywheel clutches and plates
4 sprockets - 51 tooth O.B. rear wheel (2 new, 2 used)
1 sprocket - 51 tooth brake drum type rear wheel
4 sprockets - 35 tooth gearbox primary
3 sprockets - 29 tooth gearbox primary
4 sprockets - 25 tooth gearbox primary
4 sprockets - 16 tooth gearbox secondary splined D.T.
3 sprockets - 15 tooth gearbox secondary splined D.T.
2 sprockets - 14 tooth gearbox secondary splined D.T.
1 sprocket - 13 tooth gearbox secondary splined D.T.
1 rear brake drum & sprocket complete
1 sprocket - 18 tooth gearbox secondary taper D.T.
2 sprockets - 17 tooth gearbox secondary taper D.T.
1 sprocket - 16 tooth gearbox secondary taper D.T.
2 sprockets - 15 tooth gearbox secondary taper D.T.
1 sprocket - 14 tooth gearbox secondary taper D.T.
1 sprocket - 18 tooth O.B. engine (non-slotted type)
O.B. cylinder heads
3 fixed flywheels
1 rear wheel brake drum and sprocket
assorted E.W. brake drums
1 pair 350cc cylinders, heads and pistons
1 steel primary chain guard (R.M.)
2 battery carriers
bundle of spokes
1 pair wheels to fit racing job complete with gripsters
1 Douglas front wheel (R.M.) complete with road tyre 27 x 3.00
sundry gudgeon pins
6 pairs duralumin big end cages
box of 1/4 x 1/4 rollers (used)
valve collars D.T. 500cc and 350cc
5/16 inch SAE nuts
26 valve colletts
crankcase drain plugs
rocker lubricators, washers and nuts
clutch plate screws
box of crankcase bolts, cylinder bolts and O.B. pushrods
2 B.R.4 plugs
2 KLG 902 plugs
1 set 3/16 ball bearings for steering head
1 box of assorted camshafts (used)
3 camshafts (new) to fit D.T.M.
4 half-time pinions (new)
1 D.T. intermediate pinion with worm drive to fit 1932 D.T.M
1 D.T. intermediate pinion (plain)
2 D.T. 8 spine cam wheels
2 taper camwheels (1 new) to fit O.C. or O.B. camshafts
2 D.T. left hand half-time pinion locking screws
2 D.T. flywheel clutch nuts
1 1932 D.T. oil pump (complete)
1 Best & Loyd oil pump (complete)
sundry B&L spares
1 set of crankshaft balances
Please note, the above is not a list of the entire Parts Collection.John Holmes notes on the Parts These notes were kindly provided by John Holmes of Scotland. Originally from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, John has had a lifelong interest in Douglas motorcycles. Currently a member of the London Douglas MCC, he has owned a variety of Douglas from a 1923 CW through to the last model produced, the Dragonfly.In the 1960's, he rebuilt and successfully raced his 1928 SW 5 Douglas and is still the last person to have won a vintage road race on a hand change Douglas.John went through the whole site and made the following notes from the photos.
OE engines are from OB models
EL engines are from DT or SW models, the engines with tall air boxes eg. EL776 are earlier type [ 1928 ] , those with a square air box are later [ 1929-30 ]
HF frames = OB models - 600cc OHV. 1924+
LF frames = OC models - 600cc OHV. 1926+
TF 050 frame = DT/SW model - 1928- 30

Type 1 - DT/ SW model.
Type 2 - probably OB model.
Type 3 - could be OC model.

Tank 1 - probably 1930+
Tank 2 - OB model.
Tank 3 - DT/SW model.
Tank 4 - DT/SW model.
Tank 5 - OB model.
Tank 6 - possibly a special sprint Tank.

Cylinder Heads
Type 1 - DT/SW
Type 2 - earlier OHV - probably OB or OC model.
The pre-DT heads had screw threads on the ports, whereas the DT heads had a two stud flange fitting.

Wheel 1 - DT/SW model.
Wheel 2 - DT/SW model.
Wheel 3 - DT model.
FlywheelsFlywheels 2
Top left - OB model
Top middle - SW model.
Top right - OB model.
Bottom left - OB model.
Bottom middle - OB model
Flywheels 3
These are all brake drums and possibly from models OC, OE, or even EW.
Flywheels & ring gears
Bottom left, SW model rear brake drum, sprocket and brake back plate.
Bottom left, earlier type flywheel, could be from a 2/3 hp SV Douglas.

Those with a flange fitting induction pipe are DT/SW, those with a screw on nut are OB/OC model types.
Carbs 3
Mainly induction pipes.
Bottom left - OB model.
Two stud flange fitting DT/SW model.
Screw on ie. round flange fitting are earlier, OB/OC model.

Pipe 1 - DT/SW.
Pipes 2&3 - OB/OC model.

Gearbox casings
These all look to be DT/SW and should have the letters, YG followed by a number, or possibly the letters AG or even UG.

Gearbox Parts 1
Probably OB model.
The output shaft of the DT/SW's has a tapered course spline on the end so that you could easily change the sprocket, whereas this pic. shows a keyed taper.
Gearbox Parts 2
Use the above info and look at the output shaft taper.
Gearbox Parts 3
Not sure, sorry! but Douglas.
Gearbox Parts 4
Possibly OB or OC model.
Gearbox Parts 5
OB or OC.

Casings 1
Top left - airbox for an early [1928] DT/SW.
Sorry, don't recognise the others.
Casings 2
Two on the left are OB model gearbox to rear wheel covers.
Two on the right are DT/SW primary chain / gearbox covers.
Casings 3
Probably OB model.

The only one I recognise is the left one in the middle row which is an SW model. The multi plates are probably Triumph as Douglas favoured fly wheel clutches ala cars.


Rear guard 1
This has to be SW, it even tells you the cc of the engine!

Small parts 2-6
Most are SW/OB/OC flywheel clutch parts, ie. Douglas.
Small parts 2-7
The 'rings' with the 'arms' are clutch activating arms for SW, OB, or OC models.
Small parts 2-11
Douglas, DT/SW engine tie bars, to clamp the engine to the lower horizontal frame tubes. Two per engine, EL type.
Small parts 2-12
All OB or OC model rocker grease/oil reservoirs, the lower R having rockers visible.
Small parts 3-4
Douglas DT/SW rocker grease/oil reservoirs.

Sprockets 1
Probably OB or OC rear wheel sprockets.
Sprockets 2
Lower row of three, DT/SW gearbox input .
Sprockets 3
Gearbox input, Douglas.
Sprockets 4
The ones with the coarse tapered splines are DT/SW [very useful].
The ones with a tapered hole AND a keyway are OB/OC.
The flat ones are probably Triumph.
Further CommentsAny comments on any of the above welcome here.




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